Waterville Fire-Rescue

Fire Prevention, Suppression, Inspections, Hazardous Materials and Emergency Medical Services

Founded 1809 - Protecting The Greater Waterville Area For Over 200 Years

The Consolidated Firefighters of Waterville

The Consolidated Firefighters of Waterville is an organization that is open to any and every member of the fire department of the city of Waterville, Maine. Whether such member is full time or as a call member without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin of the said member. It is also open to retired Firefighters of the City of Waterville who have served the City for a minimum of five (5) years and disabled Firefighters upon majority vote of the Board of Directors. The organization is nonprofit, incorporated under the laws of the State of Maine governing nonprofit organization. The purpose of the Consolidated Firefighters of Waterville is to develop the common interest of and promote camaraderie and harmonious cooperation among the firefighters of the City of Waterville, Maine.

Elected Officers for 2024-2025

President: Scott Holst
Vice President: Nathaniel White
Treasurer: Steve Francoeur


All City of Waterville, Maine firefighters, whether they be full-time or call personnel